DR 6030C

DR 6030C

Designed to perform with remarkable speed and precision

Compact in size, but delivering the best, the DR 6030C is the latest innovation in scanning; featuring the newly developed 3-line CMOS sensor system for astounding speed and quality you can rely on.

  • Document scanner
  • Scan size: up to A3
  • Speed: up to 60ppm, 2-sided
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High speed, top quality

Featuring the newly developed 3-line CMOS image sensor, the DR 6030C is able to scan 3x faster than normal 1-line scanners at 60 pages per minute and with fuller more accurate colour reproduction. The improved JPEG transfer function in the DR 6030C compresses image data, regardless of the file format so it is transferred from scanner to PC in shorter time.

Exceptional efficiency

Enjoy additional new and improved functions in the DR 6030C for a more efficient and reliable experience. Reduce time-wasting errors with the new Rapid Recovery System, by allowing continue scanning affected documents. For total efficiency, look no further than DR 6030C

Handle wide variety of paper types

Featuring both Straight path and U-turn path feeding, the scanner is able to accommodate a wider variety of paper types, including thick cardboards and plastic cards.

Bundled Software

  • CapturePerfect 3.0
  • โ€‹Kofax VRS Basic
  • Specifications



    Bundled Software CapturePerfect, VRS
    Dimensions (W x D x H) Trays closed: 398.4 ร— 312 ร— 191.4 mm
    Trays open: 398.4 x 668 x 194 mm
    Ejection pockets
    Interface Hi-speed USB 2.0
    On-Board Jogger
    Operating Environment Temperature: 10 – 32.5ยฐC
    Humidity: 20 – 80% RH
    Supported Operating System Windows
    Options / Consumables Barcode Module, Exchange Roller Kit, Flatbed Scanner Unit 102
    Power AC 220 โ€“ 240 V
    Power Consumption Scanning: 38.1 W,
    Sleep Mode: 2.5 W
    Power Turned OFF: 0.4W
    Weight Approx. 10.2 kg

    Scanning Document

    Feeding Method Automatic or manual
    Document thickness – Plain Paper U-turn path, feeding with separate mode
    Weight: 52 โ€“ 128 g/m2
    Thickness: 0.06 โ€“ 0.15 mm

    Straight path, feeding with separate mode
    Weight: 42 โ€“ 157 g/m2
    Thickness: 0.05 โ€“ 0.2 mm

    U-turn path, feeding with bypass mode
    Weight: 52 โ€“ 128 g/m2
    Thickness: 0.06 โ€“ 0.2 mm

    Straight path, feeding with bypass mode
    Weight: 42 โ€“ 546 g/m2
    Thickness: 0.05 โ€“ 0.66 mm

    Document thickness – Postcard
    Document thickness – Business Card
    Document thickness – Card (ISO/IEC compliant) 0.76 mm or less
    Document thickness – Passport
    Feeding Capacity 100 sheets
    Document size – Plain Paper (A4/LTR) Width: 53 โ€“300 mm,
    Length: 70 โ€“ 432 mm
    Document size – Long Document Mode Up to 3,000 mm
    Document size – Postcard Width: 89-108 mm,
    Length: 127 โ€“ 152 mm
    Document size – Business card Width: 53 โ€“ 55 mm,
    Length: 70 โ€“ 91 mm
    (Vertical feeding only)
    Document size – Card (ISO/IEC compliant) 54 x 86 mm (Straight path, non-separate feeding only)
    Document size – Passport
    Document size – Plastic card
    Document size – Magnetic card


    Light source LED (red, green, and blue)
    Maximum Resolution 600 dpi
    Scan Resolution 100 x 100dpi, 150 x 150dpi, 200 x 200dpi, 240 x 240dpi, 300 x 300dpi, 400 x 400dpi, 600 x 600dpi
    Scanner Element 3-line CIS
    Scanner Type Desktop sheetfed scanner
    Scanning Modes Black and white, Error diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement, Advanced Text Enhancement II, 256-level gray, 24-bit color
    Scanning Side Simplex / Duplex
    Scanning speed A4 / LTR, Portrait, 200dpi:
    Black and White: 60ppm (simplex) / 120ipm (duplex)
    Grayscale: 60ppm (simplex) / 120ipm (duplex)
    Colour: 60ppm (simplex) / 120ipm (duplex)

    A4 / LTR, Landscape, 200dpi:
    Black and White: 80ppm (simplex) / 160ipm (duplex)
    Grayscale: 80ppm (simplex) / 160ipm (duplex)
    Colour: 80ppm (simplex) / 160ipm (duplex)

    Suggested Daily Volume (Scans) 10000

    Specifications are subject to change without notice

    • When scanning documents using ADF
    • Actual scanning speed may vary depending on your system configuration and PC
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