1. General Details

    PR10-G Wireless Presenter features a Brilliant Green Laser that is 8X more visible than a standard red laser. With a 100-foot range and intuitive presentation controls, that are compatible with PowerPoint and Keynote, feel free to move around the room to engage your audience for greater impact. Keep your presentation on track with either a quick glance at the Backlit LCD, that shows the timer and signal strength, or use vibration alerts that alert you at predetermined times – such as when you only have one minute left in your presentation.

  2. Highlights
        A Brilliant Green Laser1 that is 8X more visible than a standard red laser will get the attention of your audience – even on LCD displays and in the brightest auditoriums.
        Navigate your presentation easily with intuitive slideshow controls and a smooth, comfortable design.
        Stay on track with a quick glance and silent vibration alerts. Easily read the time and signal strength on the convenient and clear Backlit LCD.
        With up to 100-Foot range2, move freely around the room and engage your audience for greater impact
      • ALL YOU NEED
        Everything you need comes right in the box, no software to install, and it’s Mac and PC compatible.
  3. Specification
    Product Specifications
    Presentation Function Start / Resume, Next Page / Previous Page, Black Screen, Vibration Alert, Timer
    Display Backlight with Timer
    Display Digit H:MM:SS
    Wireless Connection 2.4GHz USB Wireless Receiver
    Effective Operating Range*1 30m
    Laser Specifications
    Laser 532nm Direct Green Laser*2
    Output Power / Class <1mW / Class 2
    System Requirements
    OS Compatibility Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista (SP2 or above)
    Mac OS X 10.5 – 10.11
    Software Compatibility Powerpoint, Keynote
    General Specifications
    Battery 2 x AAA
    Dimension (L x W x H) 136 x 33 x 26mm
    Weight 48g (without batteries)
    71g (with batteries)
    Storage for Receiver Yes
    Carrying Case Yes

    1. Wireless range might be affected by the environment.
    2. Compared with red laser of 650nm wavelength and 1mW power.

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