iNSPiC [S] ZV-123A

iNSPiC [S] ZV-123A

2-in-1 Instant Camera Mini Photo Printer with Smartphone Connection

Smartphone-connectable instant shoot-and-print fun. Anytime and anywhere.

Available in Rose Gold, Pearl White and Matte Black

  • Instant Shoot-and-Print
  • Customisable Camera Flash (Auto/Off/Fill Light)
  • Front-Ring Light (Fill Light)
  • One-touch quick reprint
  • Connect to smartphone to print from photo albums
  • Smudge-proof, tear resistant prints with peel-off sticker capability
  • No ink required with ZINK? technology



This ultra-slim iNSPiC instant camera printer is perfect for a day out in the sun or a night out with friends. Slip it in your pocket or sling it on a neckstrap as you cruise through town!

One-Touch Quick Reprint

Need extra prints of the last image captured? Make photo reprints easily with the one-touch quick reprint function.

Camera Flash + Fill Light

The built-in camera flash can be set to automatic, or switched off when not needed. An additional built-in fill light cancels out unsightly shadows to ensure even illumination on subjects in focus.

No Ink Required

ZINK™ photo paper resists smudging from tears of laughter and joy and doubles up as peel-off stickers! Personalise your smartphone covers with photos of favourite memories, or stick on travel journals to document your memories.

Print From Smartphone

Connect your smartphone to your iNSPiC instant camera printer and print with the Canon Mini Print app. You can even add cool frames, fancy text, electric borders, cheery emojis and much more!

Remote Shutter Function

Now you can even shoot remotely with the remote shutter button on the Canon mini print app!




Print Technology


ZINK™ – Zero Ink

Maximum Printing Resolution

314 x 600 dpi

Print Speed

Approx. 50 sec

Borderless Printing


Support Media Type

ZINK™ Photo Paper

Maximum Paper Size

2×3″ (50 x 76 mm)

Paper Handling
(Maximum Number)

Up to 10 sheets of Canon ZINK™ Photo Paper

Automatic Paper Sensor



Bluetooth 4.0

Printer Connection

Bluetooth – via Canon Mini Print app


iOS (Requires 3rd party NFC reader, available on iPhone 7 or later
Android (Works with models with NFC support and preloaded NFC reader)

Connector for Charging and Data Transfer

Micro USB


Built-in (Rechargeable lithium polymer – 700 mAh)

Battery Life

Approx. 25 sheets per charge

Auto Power OFF

Yes (3 min / 5 min / 10 min) (Setting on App)

Reset Button


Charge Time

Approx. 120 min

Control Panel

Power Button
Shutter Button
Reprint Button
Aspect Ratio Button (2 x 2″ / 2 x 3″)
Slide Switch (Flash OFF / Flash Auto / Fill Light)

Memory Card Compatible

Yes, Micro SD Card (up to 256 GB)

Dimension (LxDxH)

Approx. 121 x 80.3 x 21.5 mm


Approx. 188 g

Recommended Operating, Charging  and Storage Temperature (°C)

15 – 32°C

Recommended Operating Humidity (RH)

40 – 55% RH

Operating Temperature (°C)

5 – 40°C

Operating Humidity (RH)

< 70% RH

Camera Specification

Single Still Photo Resolution / Format


Flash Light / Fill Light

Yes / Yes (8 LEDs)

Photo Aspect Ratio

2 x 2″ (50 x 50 mm)
2 x 3″ (50 x 76 mm)


Fixed (Range: 30 cm ~ ∞ )




Auto (Range: 100 ~ 1600)

White Balance


Exposure Adjustment



Bottom LED (Charging)

Red: Charging
Green: Charging complete

Top LED (Status)

White ON: Power ON / standby

Flash White: Processing Smartsheet / preparing printing / Firmware updating 

Flash Yellow / Magenta / Cyan / White: Printing 

Flash Red: No paper / paper jam / cover opened / low battery / printer error

Flash Red / White: Low battery

Blue ON / Flash White: Device is booting

Flash Blue: Smartsheet Error

Flash Magenta: SD card error

Cyan ON: Device is in low temperature

Flash Cyan: Printer head cooling

Magenta ON: Mass storage mode

Red ON: Device is in high temperature

Speaker (Status)

Power ON
Power OFF
Camera Focus Lock
Camera Shutter
Camera Error (fail to take photo)
MicroSD Card Insert / Eject
MicroSD Card Error
Reprint Failed

Operating Systems & App

Compatible OS (for PC)

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Mac OS X 10.10 – 10.14

Compatible OS (for mobile app)

iOS 9.0 or above
Android 4.4 or above

Mobile App

Canon Mini Print App

ZINK™ Photo Paper Information

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