Professional Presenter with Battery Indicator

Ultra-slim design with Windows and Mac compatibility

  • High Intensity red laser pointer
  • Up to 20m* wireless range
  • Battery indicator
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows

*Wireless range might be affected by environment



Highly Visible Red Laser

Make your point stand out with an ultra-bright red laser dot — double the intensity of ordinary red laser pointers.

Ergonomic, Stylish Design

Smooth moulded exterior, and fitted with ergonomically placed buttons that provide tactile feedback for hours of comfortable use. USB wireless receiver docks cleanly in device so it will never be misplaced.

Long Wireless Range

Up to 20m coverage, operating on 2.4GHz radio frequency, for complete freedom of movement in the largest venues and meeting rooms.

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X

Plug-and-play installation on Windows and Mac OS X, switch easily between PowerPoint and Keynote presentations using a slider-switch.

Battery Indicator

A battery level indicator ensures accurate monitoring of remaining power. Device runs on 2 AAA batteries (included).

Carrying Case

A drawstring pouch case is included to protect the presentation remote from scratches when tossed in a bag with other accessories.



Presentation Function

Start / Resume, Next Page / Previous Page, Black Screen

Wireless Connection

2.4GHz USB Wireless Receiver

Effective Operating Range*1


System Requirements

  1. Wireless range might be affected by the environment.
  2. Compared with red laser of 650nm wavelength and 1mW power.

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